Hello September!

Hello my dear readers, I hope you missed me for the past couple of weeks as much as I did. Don’t know about you, but I was thinking a lot about the upcoming Autumn. Recently, I was thinking what type of person I am in terms of the season. There are summer people, who are … More Hello September!

Maxine Monday

   Hellow readers, If you live in California, and particularly in San Diego, you should be the happiest person on Earth, because you hear this wonderful sound of rain and thunder outside. Listening to the nature makes me feel so romantic this morning, so that I started looking for some upbeat picture to share with … More Maxine Monday

Sleepy Monday

Dear readers, For no reason, I feel extremely sleepy this Monday. Obviously, I had a very long and sweet sleep during the weekend, but the power of the week’s first day is inevitable. Every single Monday, I have to put a super hero power into standing up from the bed and blindly getting into the … More Sleepy Monday