Dalai Lama and I

   If you don’t have capacity to love yourself, then there is simply no basis on which to build a sense of caring toward others. This quote is playing in my head over and over again and while it is happening I am questioning two things: 1. Do I love myself? and 2. What about … More Dalai Lama and I

Dalai Lama and I

As you know, Wednesday is considered to be a middle of the working week. And I think it is a perfect time for evaluating your work, your life, and your inner self. Recently, I started reading a lot of books about ancient vision on life, purpose, and living on this planet. I found it extremely … More Dalai Lama and I

New 2016

Hello dear readers, I hope you noticed the second week of the year 2016 is up and running. You probably didn’t realize it because you are too busy or too lazy to look at the calendar and thinking how fast the time is flying. Personally, I don’t know about you but all people around me … More New 2016

Happy Labor Day!

Hello dear reader and Happy Labor Day on this amazing Monday! I don’t know from what part of the world you are reading this post, but it is nice and sunny In San Diego, CA. I am ready to share my great news about moving to the West Coast from Midwest and working for an … More Happy Labor Day!

New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions. 2014th was full of events, and honestly I have accomplished almost all of my resolutions, except one: going to Portland, Oregon. Being inspired by TV Show “Portlandia” it was my dream to visit this magical city, where “Young people go to retire.” So, resolution #1 for 2015 is trip to Portland. Resolution … More New Year Resolutions

Sick Excuse

Sick Excuse I know that I didn’t post anything for the past two weeks, but I had a serious argument. I was extremely ill and unconditionally lazy to post anything. Besides when you have running nose, weakness in the whole body, and airborn bottles everywhere, there is not much space left for creativity and being … More Sick Excuse

Lazy Morning

Lazy Morning I just love to face my morning as a lazy human being. Wide yawning, long stretching,  sweet cuddling with your love under the warm blanket are my favorite activities. It is indescribable feeling to wake up with someone you love, to tell this special person “Good Morning” on different languages, and simply smile … More Lazy Morning

Monday Thoughts

Monday Thoughts I don’t know why, but Monday has been always romantic and, at the same time, dramatic day for me. All my week’s mood, productivity, and level of inspiration depends on Monday. And today was a very special day. To be honest with you, I have no clue how to explain my feelings right … More Monday Thoughts