Hi everyone!

I am Girl in Flats and welcome to my blog  🙂 

Unfortunately my full name is extremely long and too far complicating, so you can simply call me Ti or G.I.F. Trust me, it will be easier for both of us.

My story is as unique as anybody’s who has a blog, but for a long time I could not find a reason or purpose of my writing. For example, people in marketing write to promote the product, or educators, whose blogs contain video tutorials to correct mistakes of unsuccessful instructors. I am neither of those. But for some unknown reason I wanted to write and I wanted to have my blog. This blog I have already a year, and honestly I did pretty lousy job.

Well, because I asked myself the same question and I could not answer either. Only recently I started looking deeper into myself trying to find an answer :”Why am I in such need to write?”

I think I finally found it. The truth is, I am a very straight forward person, who clearly defines what is right and what is wrong. That is why I don’t have so many friends, because I care about quality of people who surround me, and honestly tell people what I think and what I feel. 90% of humanity DO NOT like this approach.

Since I try to control it now and somehow coexist with this 90% I stopped talking to much and started keeping things that bother me to myself.

I am not sure if you have ever experience that feeling, when something inside of you burns so painfully and cannot let it out.. eventually you start crying and just cannot stop because this burden destroys you from within…?!

Welcome to my world… For the fast 3 months I was living this nightmare on daily basis… but I found a remedy… WRITING.

Finally I found a purpose and perfect reason. I want to share, what I feel and what bothers me so much that I even cannot let it out… Maybe you have same experiences and find it useful to read my blog, I don’t know… But I am sure that it will help me to become happier person and stop keeping my feeling inside, so maybe it will help you too…

I will write about real people, with real names, and providing real information… I don’t see a reason to make up characters, since these people are real and hurt real feelings…

Please don’t think of me as a pathetic person, who doesn’t have any friends and lives terrible life… that is not true… In this blog I want to share with you stories about something good happened to me as much as upsetting…

I hope you will enjoy it


welcome 🙂

Yours G.I.F


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