Hello March!

Spring is here! What can be better than fresh felling of the spring breeze? Personally, I don’t know about you, but I am in love with spring time for several reasons.

Reason 1. Flowers are everywherepeonies-in-vase-jane-seymour-botanicals-mixed-pink-antonios-would-make-like-a-beautiful-bouquet-antonio-flowers-that-make-your-room-looks-romantic.jpg

I love having fresh flowers in my house. My favorites are peonies, even it is so hard to get them, but the spring accent that these flowers bring into my home is absolutely priceless. In fact, flowers are everywhere I go: in the grocery stores, at the park, on the side of the road, in small vases on the tables at small coffee shops, on your clothing, in your hair and simply everywhere.

It is absolutely beautiful, when spring comes and we can observe how nature awakens. Every morning I wake up at around 5 am, and go for a long walk with my dog. Early morning is probably the best time to watch the nature to wake around you. When Krypto and I are walking we pass a small rose garden next to our apartment building, meanwhile birds are starting tweeting, and by the end of our walk we see the sunrise. There is a magical feeling of spring inside of me every morning that makes my day full of brightness and smiles.

Reason 2. Great food Holidays

Are you Cheetos, PB&J, and/or Whiskey lover?! Then this month is for you! Almost every day there is a some kind of national food day. Check out this link to read more about national food holidays in March and plan ahead for celebrating with your favorite meal on its national day.

Reason 3. Tricky weather

weather4.PNGMarch was always known for its unpredictable weather, when today it is a clear sky and shiny day, and tomorrow you don’t want to come out because it is heavy raining.
Honestly, I see a positive side of it, because we mostly adapt our daily routine based on the weather, which is steady most of the time. However, when there is ups and downs, it is more fun to mix&match different activities and be more spontaneous. When it is raining, time for reading a good book or have some friends over for a cup of tea. When the weather is warm and sun is shining, time for a run or yoga in the park.

I love spring and particularly I love March. It is the first month after a long and cold winter, the month of nature wakening, the month of the international women’s day, the month of a fresh start.

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