Hello September!

large-10Hello my dear readers,

I hope you missed me for the past couple of weeks as much as I did. Don’t know about you, but I was thinking a lot about the upcoming Autumn. Recently, I was thinking what type of person I am in terms of the season. There are summer people, who are sunny and active at all times. Winter people are heartwarming and ready to do some snow extreme sports after a cup of hot coffee or tea. Spring people have only spring, flowers,  walking, relaxing and chilling in their heads. They are simply easy going. And finally, fall people are the most complex because they contain all seasons together. It is strictly my personal opinion, and you can choose by yourself what season are you.

fall1I strongly believe that every season has it’s own character and this unique personality can be translated into people’s lives. For myself I found Autumn the most fitting. I see it sad and romantic at the same time, cozy and adventurous as a cold winter, relaxing and full of walking as spring, sunny and  happy as summer. Still cannot imagine how all these amazing characteristics can fit in only three months: September, October, and November.
fall4September is the beginning of something very temping, mysterious, warm and cozy at the same time. I love this month just because it is time to gather all the summer memories and preserve them from dispersing its excitement and warmth. On a cold and rainy day, I will go through those sunny pictures and start making plans for the summer 2017.

fall2People enjoy doing different thing depending on the season. Personally, only during fall I enjoy walking and observing how leaves change colors, seat at home cuddled up in knitted blanket and drink a cup of tea. Reading is another craving I have for fall. For some reason, fall is associated with mysteries, I enjoy reading some detective stories and watch smooth  detective shows like Sherlock or Father Brown.

Mysterious and Romantic is the slogan for this fall. And for now enjoy some autumn music from Okanokumo here

Always yours,

Girlinflats ❤

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