Feeling accomplished

Bye-Monday-And-Hello-Tuesday-ImageHello Readers,

I apologize that I didn’t write a blogpost on Monday. But, as people say: “better now, than never”

Unfortunately, I came home very late yesterday and was extremely tired. Barely walking in into my door at around 8:00 Pm I hardly had any energy. In fact, my power level was as low as 5%. Four of which I spent on feeding my dog, taking of my clothes, and taking a hot shower, and last one percent was spent on crawling to bed and falling asleep immediately.

What made me so tired?!

Easy… Monday promise.

Do you know one of those moments, that I am sure everybody had at least once in the life time, you start a new life on Monday. Monday is as magical as tomorrow. Anything can happen, but tomorrow or starting from next Monday, which as we know never starts.


Well this time, everything was different. I am finally and fully dedicated to my goal of working out every day. Easy to guess, yesterday was the first day. I will be lying if I say that it was easy to start. No… It is extremely hard to start something new, especially when long ago you were good at this and now a complete vegetable starting all over again. Once I heard that it takes 21 day to get a strong habit of doing something, so finally day one is over and only twenty left.

I ex3am not a fan of all gym routines and expensive plans written by celebrity trainers. Since I have a dog, I prefer to combine two in one: walking with my puppy + working out. I think it is a great alternative. First I do cardio, which is fast paced walk through the park until I find a nice spot, where my dog can be without the leash and I can quietly focus on my routine. All I need is a yoga mat, bottle of water, pair of dumbbells and/or leg weights. Sometimes I work with the bench if I find one at the park. I enjoy doing exercises on the open air instead of the crowded gym.

Nowadays, there are so many sources where you can find different sets of exercises and fitness challenges. Personally, I prefer to mix it up that is why I follow @workoutprograms on Instagram. Every day they post simple to follow but challenging to implement workout routines. There are no rest days for your body. If you want to look good you have to work every single day without any excuses and strive for your personal goal.

I know I didn’t write yesterday, but I accomplished something much more valuable than just writing a blogpost. On Monday I finally started a long path to my goal  and nothing will stop me.

I wish you good luck in getting closer to your goal. And if you didn’t start yesterday, it is never too late to start today.

Always yours,

Girlinflats ❤

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