Wonderful Rainy Evening

45635441Hello Readers,

If you are reading this post, I am sure you enjoy spending Friday evenings at home just as I do. Especially when you get cozy on the sofa reading your favorite book and listening to the rain. Such days I especially savor, since rain is not happening that often in California.

I don’t know what you do, and what is your relationship status, but I think it doesn’t matter for a good Friday at home.

Personally, my only love is my dog Krypto. I truly enjoy spending time cuddling with him, reading books, drinking warm cocoa, and dreaming about the future. When you live alone and your heart is open for love you see the world in different ways. For example, I started creating my own world from ground zero since I left a person that I love. Sometimes we have to leave people, who we love so they stop dragging you down and destroying you from the inside. This is what I did and I found that books heal you and give you nicer perspective on life.

Sometimes, when you struggle with a choice, you should just let it go take a deep breath and get a glass of wine. From my own experience, I overthink a lot and being rational is my basic state of mind. I expect too much from people and trying to make this world a better place. However, it is impossible to achieve without taking a break and stop doing everything for someone. So I decided once and for all to create my own world, where I can be happy every single day, where no person will hurt my feelings and break my heart.

So this Friday I will spend in my new world, where I can be myself, just reading something light, dreaming and enjoying Krypto’s company. I will make myself cozy and just listen to the rain…


And how do you spend your Fridays if you are home and it is raining outside?

Always yours,

Girlinflats ❤


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