Case of the Mondays

Happy-Monday-39Hello Readers,

Do you have case of the Mondays today. In fact, did you ever hear this expression? Apparently, it is a very big deal, especially on Monday. Even Urban Dictionary has definition for it: “A phrase used to describe someone that has a bad mood when he or she comes to work or school on Mondays” This usage is more common, at least in my surrounding. What I read afterwards just made my day:

” …OR 

A phrase that someone uses if he or she wants to get their ass kicked by their fellow co-workers or school mates.

Jerk #1 – When you come to work on a Monday, has anyone ever told you, “Looks like someone’s got the case of the Mondays.”? 

Jerk #2 – No… No man… Shit, no man… I believe you get your ass kicked for saying something like that.”

What? Why?d42c74e5bb6c6c5d30fcc000f3b7a7a4
This is just crazy. Besides, I still can not understand why you should be in a horrible mood on Monday. You woke up after your crazy weekend–It is a Miracle! You don’t know boy/girl sleeping next to you in your bed– Good for YOU, who knows where they were before you! You woke up on Monday and realize that nothing happened–Be happy because you avoided shit from previous points.


Always yours awake on Monday,


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