Oh August…New month means new beginning.

QbG6HhWix2oHello Readers,

How many times did you promise yourselves to start new life? How about every single Monday. Thinking about it, I always remember myself giving this promises every single week. But today is different… Today is the day!

Can you find a better date than Monday that matches the first day of the month. Even if you can find another day like this, don’t wait for action, when you can start Right Now!

I have been thinking a lot about my life, my inner and outer peace, my future and my past; and set five main rules I will be living this August.

  1. Don’t look into the Past
    Past is past. I cannot change it or take it back. My past is not part of me, it is me, it is who I am, and whom I became. No matter what happened, it is already done, and overthinking about past events is more harmful rather than helpful.
  2. Live in the moment
    I have never thought that simply opening eyes every day and looking around is so hard. So today I woke up and said to myself: “Enough, I am and will be happy and smiling no matter what!” I opened the window, looked around, watched the sun go up, ans started smiling.
  3. Take care of yourself
    It is hard to believe, but we all want to be loved and cared about. We all need romance, kindness, softness, and just ease of life. But it is impossible to achieve without a fight. As my favorite Sandra Bullock’s character, Gracie Hart said ” People care about people who care about themselves, but I just don’t care about those people”
  4. Healthy eating = Healthy living
    I recently read an interesting article about how well-being is directly connected to what we eat. in the nutshell the higher quality of the food, better life you have. Personally, I always loved good food, but sometimes I crave for donuts, ice cream, cakes and etc. No need to say big NO-NO to your favorites, just limit it to once in two weeks or a month depending on your comfort zone. And start from Today!
  5. Sport is the best remedy
    When I am angry I start working out, when I am mad I am running, when I am said I am surfing. The best mind cleansing  method is any sports activity. When you concentrate on your body movements and focuses on your goals, there will be no room for anything else. Eventually it will be just past, and right now you have nice abs.13599927_10153801792852945_7535079288740210284_n

And finally, since it is Monday, set your own set of rules for better life. Don’t expect things to happen, just do what you have to do and everything will happen by itself.

or just follow Maxine’s way of living 🙂

Love you,


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