Home, Sweet Home!

homeHello Readers,

I finally can say “Home! Sweet Home!” Moving in to my own and brand new place is an absolutely exciting moment. However, it has its own bumps.

On July 2nd, I officially moved in to my new apartment. It was a historical moment for me, because for the past 4 years, since I moved to America, I didn’t have my own place. Not even once… first I was living with my family in a big house in Indiana, then I moved in with my boyfriend, when I got a job in San Diego. And finally, I got my own place from the beginning until the end.

Feeling kind of a bad-ass, because I can do whatever I want. I finally feel adult and complete. It is an amazing feeling when you realize on the spot how your dreams came true. My dreams were pretty simple: get a good education, find a job by myself without any connections, move to a different state, get a car, get my own apartment, and get a dog…

When I opened the door of my new place I felt this strange smell that all new places have and smell of satisfaction from accomplishing something big… It is an absolutely priceless feeling. However, nothing is perfect…

First couple of days I was very excited opening boxes and organizing stuff, by the third day I started feeling that excitement started leaving me and feeling loneliness is filling the room. And from then on everything started going down. I didn’t buy anything for my house, boxes weer unpacked, no lights in the room, and lonely bottle of red wine on the table. It was dark, silent, and empty… I was sad and crying all alone in my bedroom trying to understand why this is not exciting anymore…

Needless to say, it took me a while to understand why… I forget one important ingredient IMG_6911to fulfill my dream: a dog. All of this, moving, apartment, education, job, every single part of the plan was made to adopt a dog and make my life complete. In order to get a dog, I need to make my place suitable for it, so I got myself together and started making my apartment a living place where a future puppy will feel comfortable.

Everything started making sense, I was never alone because somewhere there, at the shelter was this puppy, who is waiting for me and who was ready to rescue  me. And, I finally found him… (or he found me)

On July 20th my apartment was filled with 2 pounds of joy and happiness named Krypto. Now I can say “Home! Sweet Home!”

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