Biking & Kayaking season is open

c700x420Dear readers,

Too many things happened since my last post. It has been a very exciting and busy month for me. I was working extremely hard on personal development, such as patience and art of letting go. I was also taking some courses online to improve my skills and learn something new for my future career. If you are interested in the free online education you should visit for more information.

Besides getting an additional education, I have officially opened the biking and kayaking season. In San Diego you can find lots of biking rentals along the coast, but only on is standing out for me. In Solana Beach you can find electric bike rental. It is not only bike rental place but also a shop. You can buy a brand new electric bike, or you can work with owners on a plan how to make your bike electric, so it will be a customized order. Since I am not truly into biking to own one, rental worked for me just fine. For 2 hours of biking electric bike I paid $50 and it was an amazing experience totally worth the money.

IMG_5923Finally, for the first time I tried kayaking. On Groupon I find an amazing deal with “Bike & Kayak” for the 1,5 hour kayaking tour at La Jolla. The experience was fantastic, especially for the price of $50 I have paid. Everything was well organized, guides were knowledgeable and fun. Most importantly that I had a chance to see sea lions and dolphins live, in the open ocean. It was indescribable feeling to observe wild life in its natural environment. I would love to do kayaking every weekend from now on, but since the season is finally open I still have to try stand up paddle and surfing.

This Monday cannot be sad, because my mind is full of awesome memories from biking and kayaking. Wish you the best for the rest of the week  and start making plans for the weekend to create some special memories 🙂

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