Women’s Day alone is awesome

Good Morning,

As a woman, I cannot miss an opportunity to write about the most wonderful day on the planet. Yes! I am talking about the International Women’s Day. If you didn’t know about this holiday, super smart technology giants like Google and Facebook will remind you with their creative approach. Speaking of technology, Google even started a campaign among women, where you use #OneDayIWill and write your big dreams and goals for the future. Given such an opportunity I will use it in this blog post…

#OneDayIWill write and publish a book, where I tell a story of two people’s lives, their ups and downs, twists and turns, wisdom and stupidity, and how knowing each other changed them inside and out. (This is a very big plan and a very big project that I am working on right now)

Also, #OneDayIWill go to all those exotic places like Bora Bora and Goa to get my mind in peace and to get an inspiration for new posts, articles, and books.

Getting back to the women’s day, some ladies think that this holiday is only for those, who are not alone or have a partner. Not only you are wrong, but you have so much more to do this day when you are alone. As a one lonely lady, I will be honored to share with you why I love to be without a man this day.

1. I don’t understand why men and women should pay such attention to this day. Women have too many expectations and as a result men always fail. Also, why men should treat women nicely only on this particular day out of 366 days like in this year. I do believe that a real man will treat his woman like it is a holiday every day; therefore she doesn’t have to wait for March to be disappointed again, and again, and again. As we all know, such men do not exist, so I proudly choose to spend this day alone, because I know that I will never let myself down, I know what I want, and I know how to make myself happy. 

If you don’t know what makes you happy, continue reading.

2. Start your day with waking up, smiling and stretching (it helps you to get into the mood) If you have already done that and read this blog at your workplace, then move on…

3. Continue your morning routine and get ready to go to work. But before that, since it is a holiday, treat yourself with eating breakfast at some nice coffee place or bakery not far from your work rather than eating at home. Trust me, it will give you boost of energy and great emotions for the rest of the day.

4. During working hours do what you have to do… WORK!!! And be productive as never before that will give you confidence and a WonderWoman feeling.

5. Finally, It is lunch time and I want to recommend you two things. First, invite your girlfriends from work to have some lunch out. Second, eat a lot of carbs. You herd me right! Pasta, pizza, garlic bread, and cakes will be on your menu because it is absolutely delicious and carbs, scientifically proven, make you happy.

6. As soon as your work day is over and you are ready to go home, get into the flowers store and get a big bouquet of tulips or any flowers you like. Personally, I like tulips because they look so innocent and beautiful, and serve as a representation of spring.

7. You had a very long lunch filled with delicious food, so if you want to stay in shape have a light dinner. For me the perfect light dinner is Cheese & Wine dinner. At your nearest grocery store, buy variety of sliced cheeses that you like and buy a bottle of red wine that can be pared with cheeses you chose.

8. Get home, but don’t start drinking right of the bat. Enjoy every moment of this day, meaning take a relaxing hot bath after a long working day. Use sea salts, essential oils, or any other relaxing tools to make your bathing very special.

9. Soooo, you are relaxed and ready for your dinner. Prepare a cheese plate and wine. You can also add some nuts or other snacks to your holiday table. 

 10. And finally, grab a seat on your comfy and cozy coach, cover yourself in soft blanket, grab a glass of wine, turn on Netflix and watch Bridget Jones’s Diary.

Story of Bridget Jones is a perfect story on how to be alone and get both men at the same time. It is upbeat and enlightening movie with great actors. Don’t forget to get bucket of ice cream when cheese will be over if you cannot resist and don’t feel guilty about it. I dare you.

Trust me, like this you can have every day and you will be happy, just drink responsibly and don’t forget to take care of yourself.

Have the Most wonderful day Ladies

And you guys try to be real men and real gentlemen.

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