Maxine Monday

 Hellow readers,

If you live in California, and particularly in San Diego, you should be the happiest person on Earth, because you hear this wonderful sound of rain and thunder outside. Listening to the nature makes me feel so romantic this morning, so that I started looking for some upbeat picture to share with you this wet and slippery Monday.

To tell the truth, I was not sure what will be the best post for today, since this week has so many great things coming up. For example, starting from today people in Russia are celebrating crepes week. This tradition is connected to the beginning of spring and obviously the best way to celebrate is to eat as much as you can. About Russian spring holiday and crepe week you can read here if you are interested.

Also, on March 8th we will be honored to celebrate the international women’s day all around the globe. But we will talk about it tomorrow.

And finally, just recently I discovered an amazing character for myself, called Maxine. I saw cartoons with this wise and crabby lady before but I didn’t know that there is the whole world dedicated to Maxine. So today, my choice was made in favor of old lady’s wisdom about mornings and life in general.

Enjoy her fun and wisdom this Monday.

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