Dalai Lama and I

We have mouths and we have wonderful languages; we should express ourselves.

 Every day when I read an insight on life from Dalai Lama, I have some special feeling inside of me. Maybe it is sort of enlightenment or maybe just morning thinking syndrome. No matter what, I do experience thinking and analyzing process every time I am reading Dalai Lama. Today’s insight is very special, and I take it very closely. Recently, I was told that I like to be always right and if someone is wrong I insult them. I agree on being honest and even too harsh on someone, but it doesn’t mean that I cannot be wrong. I can tell that person who gave me such characteristic, probably very weak and didn’t realize himself as a person. I believe that people should accept the critics in a healthy manner, and if you are not able to express your thoughts you will always be weak person without personal opinion and self-position.

We have the strongest power of expressing ourselves with languages. However, if you have only energy to tell people how harsh they are instead of changing personality- this is the root of your own problems. Nowadays, we live in a cruel world and that is not a secret. To overcome cruelty and survive in this world we have to be kind and know how to communicate with each other, properly express our thoughts and feelings, and be responsible for words coming out of our mouths.

Honestly, maybe I am too honest and I do apologize if I hurt you with my words, but I believe that truth and thinking out loud better than lies hidden behind beautiful and smooth lisp in your ears.

If you think otherwise or want to share your story, leave a comment under this post. I will be glad to read your opinions.

Live in peace, be kind and don’t be afraid of expressing yourself. 

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