Dalai Lama and I

It is useful to have a certain mental attitude to reduce your problems.


I always admire Dalai Lama for his ability to present vital ideas of self-being in simple and understandable form. The today’s insight from the master is not an exception. In fact, the quote of this Wednesday  is absolute masterpiece that has a lesson, a piece of advice, and space for infinite thinking in one simple sentence.

I find the today’s insight as my daily mantra, since I do believe that everything that is happening inside and outside of our bodies is the direct product of our magnificent mind’s work. The success is the finish line of the marathon run consist of numerous goals that were set by us in our minds, or mentally, if you prefer. Thus, I do believe that problems we face on day to day basic can be simply resolved by making up your mind and thinking by following logical patterns.

Honestly, I think there is no problem impossible to solve. If you look closely, you will see that any struggle you face has either variety of solutions or simple acceptance of the situation. Both ways of resolving the issue require clear mind, or as Dalai Lama calls it “a certain mental attitude”.

On personal experience, I have to admit that the theory is way simpler than practice. It takes time and effort to rich the state of balanced control of your thought and ideas, so you can successfully recreate the certain mental attitude in order to solve your issues. It doesn’t matter how hard the problem is, because the evaluation of being hard or simple comes from your state of mind.

I really don’t like when advocates for positive thinking are saying out load “Nothing is impossible!”. It is a complete lie, because there are always people that cannot do some something, just because. And you can see it as a problem, but it has simple solution — acceptance, which I was writing about earlier. But again, it takes time to mentally train yourself to accept certain events in life and see it as a solution. For example, I lost my Dad two years ago and that was a shocking personal event for me.  We all understand that it is impossible to bring my father back (actually, no need for that), therefore the only solution for this personal problem is to accept the situation and move on. I am not going to lie, but it took me a while to adjust and accept the situation and majority of this process was taken by preparing and adjusting my mental attitude in order to move on.

To cut a long story short, everything starts and ends in your head. It is only the matter of time to train your mind certain attitudes in orders to resolve or accept the problem.

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