Dalai Lama and I


If you don’t have capacity to love yourself, then there is simply no basis on which to build a sense of caring toward others.

This quote is playing in my head over and over again and while it is happening I am questioning two things: 1. Do I love myself? and 2. What about selfish people and their carrying abilities? I will try answering those questions right now in this post.

Do I love myself? Honestly, I don’t know. At some point in my life I think that I am in love with myself, but there were times when I hated my own me for doing or saying something so wrong. But more importantly, I don’t regret those actions since it was an unforgettable experience for me. Anyway, thinking about Dalai Lama’s today quote I would say that I love myself but not enough. It is a perfect amount of love for carrying toward others but not enough to protect my own feelings. I might seem strong and independent on the outside but soft on the inside just like a fresh marshmallow.

Thinking about my weak inner being I start remembering Sandra Bullock’s quote from the movie “ Miss Congeniality “: “People care about people who care about themselves”. It maybe sounds selfish at some angle, but full of respect if you deeply think about it. Let me try to explain/

People who love and care about themselves just understand the struggles of others on deeper level, and that is why they are more carrying.

On the other hand, selfish people are completely different story. I know one selfish person who does everything for his own benefit. Not like he is planning evil plans every night, but it is a way of self-preservation for him. The guy I am talking about had very disappointing relationship experience in the past and that event hurt him so deeply inside so now he doesn’t want to have any carrying responsibility for other people and sees relationship as partnership without romantics and with complete freedom of choice (meaning if you want you can stay, if you don’t you can leave). Honestly, I find it sick, because I cannot simply understand how an adult, especially a man, can tell its partner “I love you” and don’t care about anything and anyone afterwards?! I find it absolutely disturbing and weak to love yourself so much in order to stop sharing love with a person you have affection to, and trying to benefit from the relationship. My guess would be to treat those people with the same weapon or in other words, don’t care about them, ignore them and let them think for a second how disrespectful and hurtful their actions are.

No need to spend your energy on people, who only think about themselves son much. Instead, start loving yourself, but not that obsessively as selfish people, and feeling that inner beauty shining through you.

Simply Love and Care to make this world a better place.

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