Dalai Lama and I

dalai lamaAs you know, Wednesday is considered to be a middle of the working week. And I think it is a perfect time for evaluating your work, your life, and your inner self.

Recently, I started reading a lot of books about ancient vision on life, purpose, and living on this planet. I found it extremely helpful to read about ancient philosophies and transfer those into the modern world. This particular year I want to concentrate myself on Dalai Lama teachings. Therefore, every Wednesday I will not only post one of Dalai Lama quotes, but also share my personal thoughts regarding his teachings.


Essentially, help others whenever and wherever you can, and if you can’t do that, at least restrain yourself from harming them

I found these words extremely powerful, because it is so simple to know this essential in theory, but extremely hard to perform in real life. Personally, I harmed people’s feelings before, and had been hurt. I guess the wise “What goes around comes around” plays very well in real life. That is why I started being more careful in choosing words I am saying and actions I am doing. But today’s Dalai Lama teaching is about helping.

Honestly, it is not that hard to help; the only tool you need is your willingness to help. For example, recently I started realizing that I am not very happy person. Not like I am depressed, but I prefer looking to the word through the prism of realism and logic rather than positive thinking. (Speaking of which, positive thinking has nothing to do with happiness, it is a good tool, but not vital) On occasions I find myself sad, or lonely, or in any other type of grey mood, but remedy is help. Help that is very logical, thought-through, and productive. Let me explain to be clearer.

If I feel tired or down, I start cleaning my apartment and reorganizing the closet. I help myself not only to find inner balance, but also to be more organized. If I feel angry I help myself with reading, because a good book always lets you to be a dreamer and character in the center of story’s action. Sometimes, I just help other people or beings, because it gives me simple joy of doing something right. Once, I was driving home at 2 or 3 am after the party. I don’t remember when exactly, because the party was awesome and I was a little tipsy, so my only goal was safely to get home. I was driving on this narrow two lane road and cars were flying in the opposite direction since it was late at night and no cops were spotted in that neighborhood. Suddenly, I saw a big dog running along the road, scared and all wet, because it was raining outside. I passed the dog and as soon as I did, I started feeling something in my body was eating me inside out. For some reason I gave it a thought, and said to myself that if that dog get hit it will be my fault. My logic was simple: If I won’t help, who will?

I turned my car around, and started driving slowly back looking for a dog. As soon as I saw scared creature running on the road, I parked my car and turned the emergency lights so people won’t hit my vehicle on the dark and slippery road. I started chasing the dog and it took me about thirty minutes to show the poor scared puppy that I mean no harm. As soon as I got closer I felt how the lost dog was shaking from cold and fear. It didn’t have a collar, which mad the situation a little more complicated. The dog was all grown up Labrador that didn’t want to go anywhere, and felt safer with the human outside in the rain. This entire situation sobered me up very quickly, because I knew that I have to take care of this dog right here and right now and in order to do so I have to think clearly. I barely picked up the shaking dog in my arms, carried to the car, and set it down on the front sit. Since it was a grown up Labrador, I buckled him up and went home. At that point I didn’t think how my family will react on the dog in the house and what will happen tomorrow, but I felt pure joy and happiness that this puppy is in good hands now, in the warm car, and alive.

To cut a long story short, next morning I took the dog to the vet clinic to see if it has a chip, so the personnel can find the owner’s. Luckily, it had the chip implanted, so the dog was shortly reunited with its humans. At that moment, I felt happier than anybody participating in this situation. It was an absolutely wonderful feeling. I don’t think that you can get those emotions that I got just through the positive thinking.

Maybe I am not a positive thinker and a pessimist at some point, but I am definitely a helper, because willing to help and be your own hero of the day will not only help the humanity, but will completely transform you and the way of thinking about happiness and being happy.

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