New 2016


Hello dear readers,

I hope you noticed the second week of the year 2016 is up and running. You probably didn’t realize it because you are too busy or too lazy to look at the calendar and thinking how fast the time is flying.

Personally, I don’t know about you but all people around me are only talking about Star Wars, PowerBall and how tired they are. What about New Year’s resolutions, ambitious goals, and future accomplishments? Speaking about myself, I have accomicblogplished what I wanted last year except buying an awesome modern house on the beach, getting a dog, and publishing the bestseller book. Maybe I didn’t get some materialistic desires, but I know for sure that I have evolved mentally and emotionally. I became more “Let it go” person, and started following the simple rule on the right:

If you think about it is simple as that. And if you feel lonely, simply open a bottle of red wine and start watching Netflix, chilling with yourself (I mean relaxing not what you are thinking naughty Netflix&Chill fans)

Besides, all this brainwashing bullshit I wrote above, I realized how hard it is to control your love emotions. It is impossible to control your feelings and think things through, trying logically to divide an equal amount of stress between brains and heart. Honestly, if you ever herd the saying: “This feeling is eating you from inside-out”, this is how love works. If people say that love is a wonderful feeling, that gives you energy and you feel butterflies in your stomach, that means that these people just starting their journey to the epic failure, or just recently get laid and so excited about it without thinking about consequences.

I am not Love hater, moreover I am constantly in need to feel loved and nourished it is just like any process that should be wisely handled by you, especially when you are a woman, whose mood changes with the speed of light.

ALERT! It took me a year to realize all this and start a boot camp for my own feelings, which is extremely hard. So hard, that when you think about sour muscles after your fitness routine, this is million times harder. Thus, be ready to buy lots of alcohol, chocolate, popcorn and romcom movies, so the recovery will go fast and smooth.

Besides all that I keep on learning how to be happy by myself and that will be my number one resolution for 2016. Also, I am planning to be a better blogger, work on my book, and create a startup that I was preparing for the past couple of months. Moreover, I will start doing periscope sessions, something like a Q & A.

As usual lots of plans for future, now I only have to work hard in order to make it real.

No more details for now…

Stay happy and

Always yours Girl In Flats


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