Organized Closet = Life In Order

rubbermaid-homefree-closetkits-12738786-oCiao readers,

For the past four days I have been “enjoying” real housewife life and found it extremely difficult to go out of the house. Honestly, today was my first day of going outside and it was an extremely productive trip, but about it a little bit later.

Four days being at home makes you feel unnecessary and irrelevant, but after some time you look around and you see your house. In Russia, we have a saying: ” Your house is your castle”, following this expression if your castle is not organized then your life is not on the right place.  Thinking about all this Russian philosophy and walking around the house in warm fleece slippers and sipping green tea I started noticing lots of small, but recognizable flaws around my “castle”. When you are working full-time you don’t pay attention on all small things that are happening around. You come home and everything looks okay and you just cannot imagine that small disorganization can make a difference. To be more precise, I was walking around the home and I started realizing: how I can have my life in order when my castle is not organized.

So I decided to start from closet and when I took everything out, I discovered the most unpredictable apparel that seemed so important and extremely necessary when I moved to California, but since then nothing was put on (obviously). Afterwards, I decided, once and for all, to organize not only my closet, but also all my drawers up to perfection, so my house and life can be started from the new page. As soon as I planned how to organize all my stuff, I immediately started thinking about storage boxes and organizers. Oh My God! I could not even imagine that humanity went so far in storage creativity, and thanks to Amazon for two-day shipping of these awesome goodies. Now to make everything in order is easier than you think, and this idea made me to go outside to find some cosy accessories for the home decor. Buying goodies for your castle that makes it like home cozy, warm, and safe makes me feel so accomplished.

The wise is simple, if you want your life organized, start with your closet and house in general.  In clean home you have balanced life and mind, and you don’t have to think about vacuuming during the upcoming weekend.

Always your thinker,

Girl in Flats

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