Support and Positive Thinking

balanceHello readers,

I have not been writing for a week and I completely don’t feel guilty about it, because so many things happened to me that not only changed my life, but also turned around way of thinking about the world.

Last Friday was my last day at work and I happily started being unemployed. News are very sad at the first sight, but it depends on how you look at things. On Saturday I was dressed up as Luigi for Halloween and during this awesome and crazy night full of happy people in costumes I had s chance to observe couple who got in jail, some drunk vomiting and amazing performance by a person under drugs that showed angel on the ground. All these got me thinking that I am in a great situation. Yes, maybe I don’t have a job, but I am in one peace, not sick of being drunk and have a full support from my family, friends, and my life partner. This attitude called positive thinking.

I have never been in such situation that I know for sure I will be unemployed and the situation doesn’t depend on me and my actions. I was stressed about it every day and could not wrap my head around it. For me, to sit at home is like to be in prison, even I enjoy being home I get too comfortable and stop willing to go outside at all. In other words, I always looked at things extremely realistically and thought about bad outcomes as one and only possibility.  Until one person balanced me out.

My life partner is the most positive man, he always looks at things positively and thinks about the best at the future. He supported me when I was so stressed about all job situation and pointed to me things that I never thought about. For example, some people cannot have job at all, don’t have family support, don’t have even home to live and I am stressed about a small hiccup on the road.

Positive thinking is all about simple appreciation of simple things in life when everything is balanced. I am talking about total balance between body, mind, and soul, and with support of family, friends, and loved ones everything is possible and no reasons to worry about anything.

Be happy and be supported at all times on your long and exciting journey of life and I will go to read a new book, since I have plenty of time now.

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