What to do, when you have nothing to do?

dosomething“To do nothing at all is the most difficult thing in the world, the most difficult and the most intellectual”

– Oscar Wilde

What to do, when you have nothing to do?

It seems to be a very complex question without any feasible answer. However, majority of people probably will answer to you in less than a second – “Nothing”, which is competently wrong response on a “nothing to do situation”.

As an any young adult, I have graduated from school, found a job, because it is a right way to live my life, according to classic parenting, but I have no idea how to find myself. Due to all this teachings and lifelong lessons with a spicy twist of  every day stereotypes I occasionally find myself in the situation that I have nothing to do. What seriously made me thinking, is it truly nothing to do?

First of all, you have always something to do, you are just lazy or don’t want to use your imagination to find something to do. For example, Mondays and Tuesdays are supposed to be the busiest days, when everything left unfinished on Friday last week gracefully adds up to the new week tasks’ list. But not in my case! As a great worker, who works fast and doesn’t want to think about work during the weekend, I finished up everything on Friday.

This week, I came to my workplace and did something here, something there, had couple of meetings and my Monday flew away. But Tuesday was a tough one… I was sitting at my desk and staring at my desktop wallpaper for half an hour patiently waiting for any delightful thought enlightening my mind. Instead, started having conversation with my inner self:

Was I doing nothing?


Was it my fault?


How can I change it?

Immediately, my imagination took over and started thinking of all sorts of things: start a column, what cookies I can cook for the next monthly meeting, should I buy rubber boots, apply for a new job, set up a meeting with my manager.

Oh WOW! I am so powerful!

I can do anything… Literally, A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G !

I cannot believe that I made myself busy so easily. When you just start doing something, a lot of new tasks are coming up and you can keep yourself busy without wasting any of the valuable time. The recipe is very simple : Do Something. Start with little that will grow in something big.

If you think that you have nothing to do at your work, I am sure you can ask people around you and offer your help. If you don’t like your job and doing nothing makes you happy, then start looking for a new job and applying everywhere, because your dream career awaits you somewhere near.

If you think that being home is boring and you have nothing to do, well, how about cleaning your house and organize all that staff collected from your first grade of school?! or maybe it is time to educate yourself and start learning Italian, French, or German?! I am sure you have something to do.

As cliche as it sounds, just do it and you will always have something to do. You are young, smart, and beautiful, inside and out. You have so many things to do in your 20’s before you hit 30.

So don’t be lazy and create your own history.

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