PJ’s, Wine and Mysteries

pajamas-all-day-quote-2Bonjuorno dear readers,

I know you are half way through this Monday, so I am not going to tell you how to be upbeat today. Instead, I am feeling a little bit nostalgic these days, and what I really miss is the visible change of seasons. Obviously ,  San Diego is lacking yellow, red, and golden leaves filling up the streets,  little chilly wind that gives irresistible chance to put on cozy wool scarf, rain with thunder, when you can wear cure rain boots and jump from puddle to puddle like a kid. The only thing I have observed past weekend was just drop in temperature that led to my own, “stay at home” fantasy about fall.

To tell you the truth, I love warm Pajamas. for me it is like a cult to buy a new set of cute Pjs every year, especially when you are feeling cold with a slight temperature drop. Think of me as weird, but when some girls are dreaming about Louboutin pumps, Dior dress and Chanel bag, I am craving for bottle of Italian Chianti, comfy long-sleeves pajamas and mysteries.

Mysteries?! Sounds strange, isn’t it?

Well, try to imagine reading or watching Agatha Christie’s Poirot in the sunny warm day, when every body is going to picnic, or hiking, getting sunbaths and etc. That is strange! It is completely out of ordinary to sit at home and do nothing, when you can go outside and enjoy the weather of the day.

Now visualize the situation, when you are home alone, when you don’t have to think about your work. your phone is silent and nothing is bothering you. The weather is chilly an windy, which indicates that you are not in favor of going outside.  While you were looking for a cozy wool blanket to cuddle into on your sofa you started hearing a sound of dripping water. Of course, it is raining!. No, you are definitely staying in home and chilling on the sofa. you can see how the grey clouds are exponentially growing filling the blue sky, blocking the sun, and rooms in your home are getting darker. What a wonderful and quite atmosphere…

This is the perfect moment for having some warm and cozy “Me time”. This is exactly what I have experienced past weekend. Sound of rain on the background, bottle of good wine on the table, soft and warm PJ’s with Christmas deers on, and mysteries….

I have recently read, “The Martian” so I am not in the mood to read any other thriller, since this one was simply AWESOME. However, I recently discover the most adorable British show called “Father Brown”. Based on the mystery & crime books written by G. K. Chesterston, “Father Brown” TV series take us to 1950’s little British village where priest is solving crimes with the help of two adorable ladies and a driver. This show is a perfect combination of a great mystery, British humor, amazing landscape, and of course, my favorite British accent. BCC did a great job creating these series, because they are light, thrilling, humorous and mysterious at the same time. It is a perfect show for the weekend, when you want to cozy up with your blanket on the sofa and keep your body warm with a glass of Chianti.


If you still didn’t melt on your seat reading this post, then check out here for “Father Brown” episodes and start planning your next cozy day or evening now. It is never to late to have a PWM (Pajamas, Wine, Mysteries) evening with yourself resting your body, mind, and soul.

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