Back to the Future Day

687883034_4329859718001_back-to-Dear Readers,

There is not a lot to talk about. I mean, today is Wednesday and we are half way through this week, but still we are not that excited about our work and start shivering just with a simple thought of fun activities during this weekend.

Actually the weekend could start today, if we had Dr. Brown’s car, that would take us into the future. Yes, you got it right…

Happy Back To The Future Day!!!!

This amazing movie took Marty McFly into the future, and being extremely precise into October 21st, 2015, which is TODAY!

Hard to believe, but today is the future and we are living in it. Unfortunately, we don’t have flying cars (actually thankfully), but we can drive an electric car. Pretty futuristic if you think about it and very eco-friendly. Don’t know how I am going to celebrate this extremely geeky holiday, but I am certain that I am watching all ” “Back to the Future” movies tonight in a company of hot popcorn and beer. Sounds provocatively delicious, doesn’t it?!

While you are sitting at your home or workplace and thinking about future and today, check out this comparison picture about movie and reality..

Happy Back to the Future Day!!!


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