Sleepy Monday

mondayDear readers,

For no reason, I feel extremely sleepy this Monday. Obviously, I had a very long and sweet sleep during the weekend, but the power of the week’s first day is inevitable.

Every single Monday, I have to put a super hero power into standing up from the bed and blindly getting into the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. The extra challenge is not to hit the walls, or the door, or projector light. Why is this happening?

The answer is simple, you probably do not sleep enough or do not manage yourself the night before to wake up on Monday. Pretty common mistake that I have discovered recently. I know how silly brain coding sound to you, but if before turning the lights off and closing your eyes you will think for a minute or two about what time you should wake up and what you have to do at work… Trust me, your waking up procedure will accelerate and won’t be that painful as usual. You will program your brain on getting up in a certain time, and your smart gray cells will give signals to the whole body, so there won;t be a surprise to hear an alarm and starting your new day.

If you are into a yoga or meditation this Monday, then try to free your mind for ten minutes before you go to bed. Therefore, nothing burdens your thoughts and your sleep will be effective for your health and energy boost next day.

Enjoy your Monday and sleep well tonight


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