Happy Labor Day!

6eb8a8680383c4ff7c3b24063219b882Hello dear reader and Happy Labor Day on this amazing Monday!

I don’t know from what part of the world you are reading this post, but it is nice and sunny In San Diego, CA. I am ready to share my great news about moving to the West Coast from Midwest and working for an amazing company. Being honest with you, I had a very tough year and that is why I haven’t been writing a lot (at all). I know that I gave a promise and broke it without even blinking. However, finally, everything is on the right place in my life and I am ready to blog more.

I don’t know if you find it useful or inspirational to read my blog, but if it makes you think and you are sharing it with your friends, I know for sure that I did my job as a writer. And today, in this holiday when nobody works celebrating Labor (ironic)… I want to share only one quote: “Dreams don’t work, UNLESS you do”

Start dreaming today, work harder tomorrow, and get your results in the future! Nobody, including me, never thought that I can move to San Diego and work here. Only a year ago, I visited this amazing city and wished that one day I will move here for work. And here I am.

Everything is possible, but only you can make it. [or wealthy parents, if you have]

Have a wonderful day and listen to this to get jammed for work….

Your GIFT from SD

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