Monday Is a New Beginning

Good Morning Lovelies!

monday-quotesThis Morning I woke up with the feeling of absolute readiness for the whole week. All my problems and uncertainties are left behind and I start new day with smile on my face and spirit of a winner. Monday is a perfect day for planning and and building strategies for your whole week. The outcomes of the week directly depend on how well you organized your life day-by-day on Monday.

Some Superstitions say that it is a bad luck to start something new on Monday, but I completely disagree with it. I think Monday is a very lucky day. As Monday goes, so goes the week.

As David Dweck said: “Mondays are the start of the work week, which offers new beginnings 52 times a year!” SO start doing something this Monday, something that you always wanted to do, or something that you postponed for inappropriately long time. Monday is a time when you don’t say “I will do it tomorrow”, it is a time to open the door of opportunities and say “I start it today!”

Have a wonderful morning and an extremely productive day!

American Authors – Best Day Of My Life (Gazzo Remix)

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