Thoughts About Friendship

Thoughts about friendship

In my childhood I heard15c5489a43fb19c4f93023847a39123b the saying: “Show me your friends, and I will tell you, who you are” pretty often, and it always made me think. Time passed and only now I can truly understand what this saying means in the real world.

Through the process of immigration from one country to another, I faced a serious problem for not having friends, and it made me think that there is something wrong with me. But it turned out that I was absolutely fine, it is about meaning of friendship in different countries and cultures.

I was pretty surprised, when I started realizing how friendship developed in American culture. People think in the way “More is better”. All this Facebook race about number of friends and followers just makes me sick.

Eventually I found two people, who are my best friends now. Yes! Just TWO! And let me tell you this: this is more than enough. This is better than having millions of people following your account, and nobody will help you in need, or support when you are sick, and simply share coffee with you. Those people, are not real, their feelings are fake, and the friendship is just a fantasy.

I hope people will understand that human beings also have a quality level, and start seeking for real friendship, not for the bogus fame on the Facebook Pages.

Today I am in philosophical mood, and that means I am into jazz

Moscow City Jazz Band – Friends

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