Beauty of the Hands

Beauty of the Hands

Hello Lovelies!


I am really excited about today, because Today is Wednesday. And that means Today is the day when you take some “SELF” time.

This morning I had my usual, day-to-day ritual, wake up, stretch, take a shower, and…. that will be my today’s topic. I took care of my hands and nails.In my opinion hands is like your business card. They can tell a lot about personality and character. So, today I am going to share with you some tips in taking care of your beautiful hands.

1. Moisturizer

First of all, my skin is kind of dry type, so I have to moisturize it every day, twice a day (morning and evening); in the morning I do it after the shower, so my skin is soft and with open pores–> ready to get all the vitamins that can keep my hands in good shape during the day.

2. Oil with Vitamin E

Besides regular hand cream, I use cuticle oil with vitamin E, so the edges of my nails can be protected through out the day. (Tip: read the ingredients on bottle, try to buy organic products, without chemicals. I usually buy oil from Trader Joe’s)

3. Manicure

When my hands were hydrated it is time to pick a color of the day. I am a person of the mood, so I don’t really follow mani-pedi trends, or won’t match my nails with my clothes or accessories. But before you put color on remember two important things: move cuticle back and don’t cut it, and always put base and top coat. With this two rules your manicure will last longer and your nails will look appealing.

4. Trick with Nail Polishmani1

I have the whole collection of nail polishes so I can easily mix and match them. As you all know Polishes also require some care. People say that you must keep polishes in the fridge, well in that case I must buy separate mini-fridge for my collection. Actually, everything is much easier than you think. In my case, I just have a plastic box where I keep all my colors and I put the box in the dark and cool place, for example, in the closet.

P.S. Today I have pink mood day, so I am listening to funky music

Meghan Trainor  -All About That Bass

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