Monday Thoughts

Monday Thoughts

I don’t know why, but Monday has been always romantic and, at the same time, dramatic day for me. All my week’s mood, productivity, and level of inspiration depends on Monday. And today was a very special day.

To be honest with you, I have no clue how to explain my feelings right now, but I just simply feel it. I woke up listening morning birds’ twittering. I went for the walk and could not stop smelling this amazing after the rain air. I was just one happy human being. Afterwards, I decided to take some reading time. And when all my attention was in Steven Hawking’s book, the storm started outside, and the sound of raindrops on the roof was an amazing background for my reading session.

shutterstock_76999777-617x416I coud not believe that my day was gone so fast with the book about time and cosmos in my hands. All this atmosphere: rain, home alone, cozy and comfy recliner, hot tea made me think about how happy and lucky I am. It is an amazing feeling to acknowledge that you are a part of universe, a stardust, an irreplaceable element that is looking for answers of it’s own beginning.

Now I have a mood for the whole week and I have a book to finish. I don’t know what is waiting for me tomorrow, but i am sure it will be something great.

Track of the day: Axwell – the center of the Universe

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