Relax Your Body and Free Your Mind

Relax Your Body and Free Your Mind

I don’t know about you, but I live in a very fast-pased world. Every time I  am somewhere doing something. I have busy schedule and at the end of the day I feel stressed. Moreover, when I felt like squeezed lemon this friday, I was sure that my mind and body needs some rest.

On my way home, the idea of doing meditation just popped up in my mind. Maybe it was a sign, but without questioning I came home and started reading about meditation. I was more than 100% sure that this is exactly what my body and mind needs. You know the feeling of absolute confidence in making certain decision–> it was exactly the same.

As a result I spend my friday evening absolutely great: listening to mantra music and meditating outside, under the stars. Honestly, I have never felt something like that before. You are concentrated but you feel relaxed, you feel free from your mind, from body. It is unforgettable feeling… I guess, now, this is my friday night practice on regular basis.

WIsh you to try it and share your feelings…

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